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Banish embarrassing Facebook photos with Photoblocker

The Norte Photoblocker saves you from the embarrassment of the drunken Facebook snap.

Guh. What did we do last night? Oh yeah, a quick pint that turned into a few quick pints... then some cocktails... then shots... then it's all a bit of a blur. Fortunately no one saw us get into too much of a mess -- oh no! There was a camera!

We've all had those nights: a few beverages of an evening cause us problems the next day, and we're not talking about the hangover. No, it's the modern day curse of the Facebook photo. Sure, you could untag yourself in the photos -- or you could get pro-active, like the clever folks at South American beer brand Cerveza Norte, with a fiendishly clever invention that saves you from the embarrassment of the drunken Facebook snap.

The Norte Photoblocker is a beer cooler that watches your back for crafty snappers looking to post your drunken mishaps on their social network of choice. It works by detecting a camera flash and emitting its own burst of light, ruining the photo and sparing your blushes. And it keeps your beer cool all the while.

What a great idea. It's bad enough waking up the next morning and feeling like you've been burgled by a monkey -- your money's gone and it tastes like something's relieved itself in your mouth -- without everybody seeing your 'merry face' on Facebook too.

Click play to see how the Norte Photoblocker ensures what happens in the club, stays in the club...

You floozy! Particularly handy as we head into Christmas party season, we're sure you'll agree. Remember our Christmas party tips: alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks, plan your route home in advance, get your chat to the boss in early, and if it looks like the booze is running out, swipe a couple of bottles of wine and stick them down your trousers with a carefully fashioned, very long straw.

In all seriousness, please take care if you're out celebrating this Christmas. We're quite fond of you lot and we'd hate to think of the combination of alcohol and icy pavements leaving you with injuries more serious than a belting hangover.

If you've been affected by any of the issues in this story, leave us a comment or let us know on our Facebook page. Now pass the Berocca, we've got more parties to go to...