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Band claims Street View driver broke Google rules for video

A pulsating country music video appears. The band claims it "ambushed" a Google Street View car to make it. Could this possibly be true?

See him fly. Rob Bliss Creative/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There's nothing like country music to make you believe that life could be simple again.

So this morning, I was delighted to receive a YouTube video of a band called Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys.

It was headlined: "Redneck Country Band Ambushes Google Street View Car!"

I knew this couldn't possibly be true. I feel sure that Google's Street View drivers, who have to sometimes master rough areas and rocky terrain, must be armed.

Still, the video gave some sort of impersonation of a Street View image populated by, well, this redneck country band and their -- presumably -- equally redneck friends.

The most obvious reaction is that this can't possibly have been made with the complicity of Google, as the faces of the protagonists aren't blurred.

Yet surely the blurring happens after the shooting.

The notes to the video insist: "To protect our friends at Google who bent the rules to make this video possible (and their jobs), we can't disclose when and where this was filmed."

This cannot possibly be fact. No one who works even as a contractor for Google would risk their job and unimpeachable reputation for a redneck country video.

Especially one where, at around the 1.06 mark, a gentleman topples from the back of a truck, with no one seeming to care.

In any case, the car would be equipped with some gizmo that would expose the guilty.

Still, I have contacted Google just to wonder whether someone at the company is a secret admirer of Gunnar and his grizzlies.

The good citizens of Reddit are currently having a robust debate about the joys this video -- the work of a viral creative agency known as Rob Bliss Creative -- brings.

It couldn't be that these people are so creative that they persuaded a Google Street View driver to desert the cause for a moment, could it?

Of course not.