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'Banana phone' isn't one, really

But we still like it


There's a funny thing about LG's new "banana phone." Unless we're mistaken, it doesn't have much in common with its namesake fruit.

For one thing, it's not yellow. In fact, the only color at all (other than white) seems to be a hint of orange. And even though it does have a slightly curved form, we highly doubt that you'd mistake it for a Chiquita if it were hanging around the produce section at Safeway. The LG-SV280 does make good on the other half of its name, however, in that it is indeed a phone.

The handset, which probably will be available only in Asia for the time being, has a 2-inch color LCD screen, a 1.3-megapixel camera and 142MB of memory. But here's the weirdest part of all: Its key pad, according to Fareastgizmos, is "scented with lavender." We're not marketing geniuses, but why would a banana phone smell like lavender?

Still, you've got to give LG credit for trying, especially because people clearly have been clamoring for one of these for years. Besides, fellow Craver Bonnie Cha seems to like it, and that's all that counts in our book.