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Ballmer: More marketing of Windows needed

The Microsoft CEO said the company needs to spend more to attract consumers to Windows. He also alludes to work on Windows 7, but remains tight-lipped on what Microsoft has in store there.

With Apple gaining significant market share, Microsoft is finally acknowledging that it needs to do a better job of selling Windows.

Vista aerial dancers
Caroline McCarthy, CNET

"We're going to have to invest more than we ever have in consumer excitement," CEO Steve Ballmer told financial analysts Monday. "We are going to be doing more to highlight Windows, and that is going to require more investment."

Ballmer also mentioned the need to work on the next Windows, but offered no new details on Windows 7, Vista's successor.

"We're very hard at work on the next version, which we won't talk about," Ballmer said.

Ballmer also addressed Windows Mobile, saying the company will be investing not just in the operating system, but also in new mobile applications. News on that front is expected shortly--I'd guess at the big cell phone trade show next week.