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Ballmer and Bostock break bread

The New York Times confirms a Valleywag report that the Microsoft CEO and Yahoo chairman met earlier this week in New York+.

Well, it's official, Microsoft and Yahoo have come to an agreement.

On lunch.

As first noted by Valleywag, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock had lunch together this week in New York. The New York Times has a lengthy piece up now as well, confirming the meeting, but offering no clue as to what happened beyond, presumably, caloric consumption.

In any case, it's the second high-level contact this week, given that incoming Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz told employees that she, too, had talked with Ballmer.

Microsoft has made it clear in every way imaginable that it would like to do a search deal, but it remains less clear whether Yahoo is willing to take the relationship beyond the "lunch date" stage.