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Ballistix is putting the RGB in RAM

Need to keep your memory colourful? Check out Bastillix's new offering.


Sure, it may be the purview of extreme PC modders and the kind of anal-retentive person that needs to know his RGB keyboard lights up to colour match his RAM, but we're at Computex. This is where those people live.

Newly released from Bastillix is DDR4 RAM with customisable LEDs. The LED lights are controlled through a custom app, and in addition to being used to show off pretty colours, you can also be alerted to temperatures, speeds and other command-based colour cues.

That top bar is also removable, and if you want to get really creative, you can download 3D-printer plans to tinker even more.

On that note, here are the best custom PC mods from last year's show. Keep an eye on CNET's Computex 2017 coverage for this year's best custom cases.