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BalanceFrom's $6.45 digital bathroom scale might be the cheapest scale ever

No bells and whistles here, but this insanely cheap scale has a digital display, four weight sensors and doesn't require you to tap it to turn on. What else do you need?


When it comes to digital bathroom scales, "inexpensive" generally means something in the $20 range -- but BalanceFrom recalibrates the scales (I think that's sort of a pun?) by offering a scale that costs less than the fast food lunch you'll end up measuring. Right now, Walmart is offering the BalanceFrom Digital Bathroom Scale for just $6.45. BalanceFrom is not a household name, and I wasn't able to find this particular scale elsewhere to see what its regular price might be. But honestly, at this price, it hardly matters.

The BalanceFrom scale is fairly simple: It has a large 4.3-inch LCD display, is rated for up to 400 pounds and has four weight sensors under the hood (each of which appear to have a sensitivity of 0.2 pounds, because that's the smallest increment the scale will display). Unexpected at this price: It has "smart step on" technology, which is a fancy way of saying that you simply step onto the scale and it takes your measurement. Some scales, seemingly regardless of price, require you to tap the scale to turn it on. After a moment to calibrate, you can then step on and weigh yourself. 

There are no user reviews on the Walmart product page, but BalanceFrom includes a two-year warranty. Are you going to give this $6 scale a shot? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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