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Bakeware that doesn't stick

Green Apple Glass Bakeware offers nonstick bakeware naturally.

Green Apple Bakeware Green Apple Bakeware

While there are more than a few bakeware options out there, Green Apple Glass Bakeware is the only option with a nonstick coating that is all natural. This line of bakewares is made from borosilicate glass--a material that handles extreme temperature changes with no problem. The nonstick coating used by Green Apple is proprietary: the NAMI coating is FDA-approved, environmentally safe, chemical-free, and antibacterial. It's not clear exactly what the coating is made from, however. It eliminates the need to grease pans, which, in turn, makes for healthier baked goods. The line of Green Apple Glass Bakeware is also safe from oven to freezer and have all the other important attributes of quality glass bakeware.

Green Apple Bakeware comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including pie plates and different sizes of baking dishes, for a total of six different bakeware choices. The largest baking dish of the line (and the most expensive) is costs $29.99 online, with other pieces priced at $19.99. The Green Apple Glass Bakeware line is also available for purchase at Target. The maker recommends using only soft utensils on the bakeware--metal utensils can easily scratch the nonstick surface. However, the Green Apple Bakeware is microwavable.