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Baked electronics: Taste the technology

The worlds of technology and bread collide in a collection of baked electronics, their casings replaced with yummy crusts.

Baked electronics collection
This is the first time a clock has really looked appetizing. Debbi Nitsan

I love baking. I love technology. I just never thought to put the two together. Israel-based artist and designer Debbi Nitsan, however, is already on the case.

Nitsan created an entire collection of electronics with their original casings removed and replaced with new, 100 percent more delicious, bread casings. The items include clocks, radios, and flashlights.

"The contrast between high-tech and low-tech led me to combine electricity and bakery," Nitsan writes in her artist's statement.

Even better, the electronics all still work. You probably wouldn't want the baked flashlight to be your only source of illumination during a blackout, though. The crusty shell dims the light quite a bit.

Nitsan has experimented with electronics in other ways that don't involve an oven. She created miniature kites to fly behind the fans of desktop computers and built a collection of personalized light switches made from credit cards, ninja turtles, and other knickknacks.

I've never had the desire to nibble on a radio before, but after looking at Nitsan's work, I'm feeling a might bit peckish.

(Via Designboom)