Bake one honey of a pizza with a Beehive

The Beehive Pizza Oven is a wood-fire terra-cotta oven designed for high heat.

Bake some serious pizza with the Beehive Pizza Oven. Williams-Sonoma

Pizza is an amazingly complex thing for a food item so seemingly simple. Bread, cheese, sauce, that's it. That's enough to get you going. Oh sure, you can drown your pizza in a sea of toppings, but the essential structure starts from basic everyday ingredients. The deceptively complex nature of pizza is both a good thing and a bad thing. Endless varieties abound, and there are certainly great pizzas to be found, but it is all too easy to order up a lousy pizza. Good thing you can bake your own.

But don't pick up that pizza peel just yet. Most home ovens have no hope of reaching the high temperatures needed to attain that special level of deliciousness that pizza can achieve. The Beehive Pizza Oven is one possible solution. The terra-cotta outdoor wood-fired oven is a domed device specifically created for capturing that elusive high heat and transferring it into quickly baked pizzas. Set the fire, and when it's good and ready, just slide back the coals and pop in the pizza. The superheated oven floor will create that special crispiness, while the pizza bakes to perfection.

With the capability to attain temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, the pizza oven is an artisan cook's dream. An easily installed hardwood-lined door is included, which also allows for the capability to bake bread or even smoke meat. With such versatility, even the nonpizza fanatics out there (if you exist), can find use for this beautiful outdoor oven.

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