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Bake fancy cakes on the countertop

The Bella Cucina Fluted Cake Maker creates fun-to-eat treats with distinctive textural elements. The countertop appliance makes five different cakes at a time.

Works like magic.
Works like magic. Amazon

Looking at a sugar-glazed confection might lead one to ask how it could be bad for you when it looks so good. Putting temptations aside, another question one might ask is just how such treats are formed.

The answer, at least in the case of the Bella Cucina Fluted Cake Maker, simply has to do with batter poured into a mold and then cooked. This specialty electric appliance creates five cakes, each with a distinctive design.

Combining a mold and a cooking appliance allows for instant gratification. Clamshell-type countertop appliances tend to heat up quickly and this 1,400-watt gadget is sure to follow suit. After the feast, however, could be a different story. Although the plates are nonstick and the use of a quick spray of cooking oil is recommended, it's possible you may need to clean the crevices of the fluted mold with a toothpick, though by that time the sugar rush will probably help you  to power through.