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Bake cookies on the countertop

With the Nostalgia Bakery Express, you can bake cookies without even turning on your oven.

The Nostalgia Bakery Express Nostalgia Electrics

Rather than firing up the oven when you want a batch of fresh-baked cookies, the Nostalgia Bakery Express offers cookie-baking capabilities in a countertop appliance. It offers baking temperatures between 375 degrees and 400 degrees Fahrenheit--as long as your cookie recipe calls for a temperature inside that range, you can have cookies ready to eat in just minutes. You place your cookie dough on a nonstick cast aluminum tray that sits inside the Nostalgia Bakery Express. About a half dozen cookies will fit on the tray, assuming that they're 2 inches in diameter.

The Nostalgia Bakery Express comes with eight cookie molds, as well as 12 cookie cutters and a spatula to remove the cookies. It can be a little easier to manage for smaller hands than a full-sized oven, making it a good option if you want to bake cookies with the children. It also provides an easy way to bake cookies outside of the kitchen--taking some cookie dough and the Nostalgia Bakery Express into the office can make for a special treat at work. The appliance measures 13.5 inches by 10.5 inches by 4 inches and can just sit on the counter as it bakes. The Nostalgia Bakery Express is priced at $16.80.