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Bake and boil on your baby Belling

Belling's tabletop oven lets you grill, roast, fry, bake, and boil without the benefit of a big kitchen or the need for heavy-duty electrical wiring.


In many battles, bigger is better. But, when it comes to working efficiently in tight kitchens, the little guy almost always comes out on top.

Belling makes a wide range of standard kitchen appliances, from ranges and built-ins to free-standing cookers, but it's the "Baby Belling" line that caught my attention. Specializing in compact appliances, the line features things like ranges and induction cooktops that make the most out of small spaces.

One product of the Baby Belling line is this Table Top Mini Kitchen, which combines a range top and a conventional oven in a unit that takes up only about as much space as a microwave oven.

On the top of the unit is two different size hot plates that you can use for boiling and frying. Each has its own heat dial, so you can cook multiple things at once without worrying about burning or undercooking one of your dishes. In the larger space below, you can roast and bake using the adjustable thermostat and a timer that will run up to 90 minutes. The oven can also be set to a variety of baking modes for a wider range of cooking capability.

Combining the functionality of an oven and range into one appliance not only saves space, but also saves energy. Since the unit plugs into the wall, it saves the money you'd otherwise spend on operating an industrial built-in appliance. And in times like these, who can't appreciate another opportunity to save?