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Bag caps keep food fresh, pests out

Copco Round Bag Caps reduces waste by keeping bagged food fresh

Sur la table
Every year, we waste hundreds of dollars worth of food that goes bad as it sits on our shelves. Fresh produce, cheese, meat, and milk are often to the bulk of the loss; however, dry nonperishable foods also have a habit of proving themselves quite perishable, turning stale and chewy or amassing a collection of pests as they sit for months in the pantry.

Manufacturers long ago found a solution for keeping pests out, developing a series of bag clips that can be used for chips, flour, and cereal. However, if you've ever owned one of these clips, you know that they do very little in the way of preserving flavor and texture.

These round bag caps by Copco present a more effective solution, fitting onto any bag and snapping shut. Not only does it keep out bugs, but it also creates an airtight seal that will help keep the food fresh. It also provides a pouring spout when you're ready to pour your snacks into a serving dish or mixing bowl.

Though you can also find them in an ovular shape, the round bag caps are 2 inches in diameter and come in blue, green, red, or yellow. You can buy them for $6 a piece on Sur la table's Web site.