<b>Adaptec card issues

Adaptec card issues

Adaptec and Newer MAXpowr PRO glitch fixed From Newer Technology comes the word that "all MAXpowr PRO and PRO cards are now fully compatible with Adaptec's fast and wide SCSI implementation and driver version 2.5. The Adaptec SCSI card operates in its best performance mode, which is full fast and wide." The original MAXpowr PRO cards may not work, as reported here previously. If you have one of the original cards, Newer will update it for free. Contact Newer at 800-678-3726 or email at techsupport@newertech.com for details.

Adaptec and TechTool Pro glitch Speaking of Adaptec cards, Phil Call writes that when he used TechTool Pro to check his drive connected to his Adaptec card, it gave a failure indication. He contacted MicroMat about this. They replied: "The Adaptec 2930 SCSI Card is a third party SCSI card and Adaptec will not release the API code needed for checking any drives connected to these cards. However the drive is probably fine if everything is working okay."

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