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'Bad hombres,' 'nasty woman': Social media swarms the debate

Social Cues: The final presidential debate takes over social media, and yes, it's all about the Trump-isms.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's final face-off took over social media on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Mark Ralston-Pool, Getty Images

The third and final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Wednesday night quickly engulfed social media, and the heated showdown left a long trail of simmering memes and recaps.

Facebook and Twitter latched onto several phrases from the Republican candidate, even creating games out of his performance.

Social Cues is your go-to guide for what your friends and followers are chatting about. Here's what is happening on Facebook and Twitter this Thursday:

Presidential Debate: Trump made comments that social media ran wild with, from his "bad hombres" remark on immigration to calling Clinton a "nasty woman" after claiming to respect women. The fun included Twitter challenges to play off "#BadHombresAMovie" and to turn the Republican candidate's debate performance into a book report in his bigly/big league prose.

Cleveland Indians: Crucial Ohio voters may have had their attention somewhere else, as the team punched its ticket to the World Series in a decisive victory over the Toronto Blue Jays. This is the first time the Indians will go to the World Series since 1997. Fans on Facebook are hoping the team will follow the Cavaliers' footsteps and break another championship dry spell for the city.

Nintendo Switch: Anticipation ran high for news Thursday morning on the next-generation gaming system. And then there it was: the Nintendo Switch, a handheld device, gaming tablet and dockable console all in one, coming in March 2017. Folks on Twitter were having fun watching the trailer and offering their first impressions.

Modoc County, California: The county was trending on Facebook as people mourned the death of Deputy Jack Hopkins. Hopkins, who was responding to a disturbance call on Wednesday, had just joined the sheriff's department last year.

Emmett Till: A memorial sign for the black Chicago teen killed in a racially charged incident in 1955 is now riddled with bullet holes. The sign, which sits beside the Tallahatchie River in Mississippi where Till's body was recovered, apparently has been constantly vandalized since it first went up in 2007, according to the New York Daily News. The ruined sign was noted on Facebook, with the chilling image resonating across social media.

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First published October 20 at 6:20 a.m PT.
Updated at 8:59 a.m. PT: Added reaction to the Nintendo Switch news.

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