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BackupURL saves any site for viewing later

Want to see a site long after it's gone offline, or changed what was there? Check out BackupURL, a free caching service that does this with simplicity.

With social bookmarking and archiving site Magnolia down until a re-launch later this year, some users might be looking for an alternate way to capture snapshots of Web sites as they appeared at specific times. Besides Iterasi, which we've covered previously, there's a new service called BackupURL that can save what a page looked like, and make it available for reading later--even when the site is temporarily down, or long gone.

To do it for any page, you simply drop in its URL, and BackupURL will capture links, images, and any page formatting. What's nice is that it generates both a full URL to the backup, and a shortened version to drop into IM messages or your favorite microblogging service.

Missing at the moment is a bookmarklet or browser extension to let you do this on any page you're viewing, but I assume one will come later on.

(via Downloadsquad and Lifehacker)

BackupURL saves an instance of a page for later viewing. Even if the links and content change (or go offline) you can still access it via BackupURL's cache. CNET Networks