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Backstage at CES

James Davies, the lucky winner of our amazing Las Vegas competition, has been busily checking out all things portable at the Consumer Electronics Show. Shall we see how he's been getting on?

Last year we ran a competition to send one lucky person to CES 2006 as part of's Backstage Crew, a gang of nine real-world reporters from around the globe. The winner was James Davies of Cambridge, and here's how he introduced himself on's CES 2006 coverage:

"Hi, my name is James Davies, and I am a signal processing engineer from Cambridge, England.

"Over the years, I've owned MP3 players from Creative Labs, iRiver, and Apple -- each of them was far from perfect. So join me in pursuit of the ultimate shiny gadget when I cover portable audio and video as your consumer's-eye reporter at CES 2006.

"I'll be scouring the portable audio tech zone, looking for the best in sexy, slim MP3 players. With the iPod absent, it will be a chance for the likes of Samsung, iRiver, and Creative to compete with Apple's one-two punch of sleek players, which are smoothly integrated with legit online downloads."

James has been patrolling the show floor with a Fujifilm Finepix F10 camera (reviewed here), so check back soon for a slideshow of his photographs. In the meantime you can watch his first Backstage Crew video, visit our CES 2006 Special Report for more coverage, or find out about the other members of the Backstage Crew from -ML