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Backpack radar lets you sense through walls

Cambridge Consultants unveils a new backpack form factor for radars that can see through walls.

Cambridge Consultants

See that kid slouching against the wall? He might be "sensing" through it with his backpack.

Cambridge Consultants has a new through-wall radar that's compact and inconspicuous. The Prism 200c can fit in a backpack and still tell you if there are people on the other side of a wall.

Users simply lean against a wall with the backpack and monitor the room on the other side with any portable electronic device linked to the backpack.

The device has batteries that can last up to eight hours. It can sense through brick as well as concrete walls.

Radar sensing through walls is a technology that's been around for some time (including in handheld formats), and even mobile robots are touting the sensor arrays that can see through concrete walls for military applications.

Targets generally have to move or breathe to be detected. The technology can't discriminate between humans and animals or other moving objects.

Cambridge's latest radar follows the arm-operated Prism 200, which is being used by police and military personnel around the world. There's a video of it here.

The company plans to show off the Prism 200c at Global Security Asia 2011 in Singapore this month.