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For back to school, can kids have too much tech? (Open_Tab Ep. 13)

With gadgets and social media everywhere, what's the right age for a child to use a phone and other tech? Tell us what you think.

Kids now live in a world where nearly everyone has a phone, and a seemingly infinite number of social networks to boot. But when is it OK for them to jump into today's tech-filled world?

Bridget Carey returns to CNET from maternity leave and joins Jeff Bakalar along with Joseph Kaminski to talk about the role technology plays with their kids, and how old children should be before they start using gadgets and dabbling with Snapchat.

When do you think kids should start getting into tech? And when is the right age for children to start using social media? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


How old should school-age kids start getting comfortable with gadgets? Tell us what you think.

Nicole Cozma/CNET

And after the back to school conversation, we'll celebrate the end of summer with a robot that's ready to help you get your beer pong on.

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