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'Bachelor' contestant picks Facebook job over love

She was a finalist on a dating reality show, but had to get back to her cushy Silicon Valley ad sales gig. What's a cute gal to do?

Former 'Bachelor' contestant Ali Fedotowsky chose to return to her ad sales gig at Facebook. ABC

They say love conquers all, but apparently it can't compete with the perks of working at one of Silicon Valley's hottest companies: Facebook.

On Monday's episode of "The Bachelor," the ABC reality show in which a guy gets to choose a mate from a bunch of willing and good-looking young women--I'm generalizing, as I've never been able to make it through a full episode of this fine piece of television--studmuffin protagonist Jake Pavelka was surprised by one of his final four picks, Ali Fedotowsky.

The 25-year-old San Franciscan ditched the show because she couldn't balance it with her job anymore. That job, according to PEHub, is as an advertising sales account manager at Facebook.

It wasn't quite clear whether Fedotowsky was running out of vacation time in which to shoot the show, whether Facebook called her up and informed her that being on a reality show was against company policy--or whether Fedotowsky even worked there full-time in the first place, as a search for her on Facebook reveals plenty of "Bachelor"-related results but no membership in the Facebook business network.

Did she really work there? Yes, Facebook spokesman Larry Yu confirmed to CNET. But a statement from the company indicates that Facebook did not force her to leave the show.

"We appreciate (that) the personal decision to return to work was deeply difficult, but we're glad Ali decided to come back," the statement read.

She might not be gone for good, though. a interview with "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison hinted that her role on the show isn't over.

"You haven't seen the last of Ali and Jake and their situation is not over," Harrison told TV Guide. "Obviously you could tell when she left, on both sides, they're not done. I'm really proud of the way they handle what's to come."

So I guess she didn't unfriend him or anything.