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'Bachelor' fans buy dumped contestant Becca drinks via Venmo

Arie made a pour decision, and viewers of the ABC show want to help Becca drown her sorrows by sending her free drinks through the mobile payment service.


Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Becca Kufrin before the blockbuster Monday night finale that's inspired fans of the show to send Kufrin money for drinks.

Paul Hebert/ABC

"The Bachelor" has had plenty of cringeworthy moments before, but Monday night's season finale of the ABC show reached a new low. 

Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. proposed to contestant Becca Kufrin, then later changed his mind and dumped her -- on camera, in an interminable, unedited scene that was anything but an "amazing journey" -- saying he was hoping for a second chance with finalist Lauren Burnham.

Viewers, including a state representative from Kufrin's home state of Minnesota, were not happy with this turn of events.

But some fans decided to help Kufrin forget about the dude with plenty of wine, using the mobile-payment service Venmo to pass along some cash so she could drink away her memories.

Some offered up their cash donation for specific purposes (drinks, queso), but others just sent it with no strings and plenty of support.

"For a drink to throw in Arie's face," wrote Aleece DeWald. "Actually, never mind. Don't waste it on him."

"For a tequila shot to get you through tonight!" wrote Alison Younts. "Or a bowl of queso ... cheese will never let you down."

"They say money can't buy ya happiness, but it can buy ya comfort food," wrote Rachel Dennis.

And some did serious math while planning their donation. "A penny for every time I yelled, 'She said, leave Arie!' at the TV," Emily Kleinhans wrote of the scene where a heartbroken Becca repeatedly asks Arie to leave her alone after he dumps her, but he doesn't seem to get the message. 

Kufrin is scheduled to appear, along with the rest of the "Bachelor" crew, on ABC's "After the Final Rose" Tuesday night. BYOB.