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Baby, you can drive my bar

Guy makes a speaker-equipped bar out of the front of a 1961 Ford Econoline.

Cap'n Scurvy's Treasure Chest

Here's a story for you. I recently invested in a cell phone with a QWERTY keyboard, and one of the things I love about it most is that there's no more need for triple-tapping or that whole T9word thing. The thing I hated most about T9word was its tendency to say "car" instead of "bar" when I was trying to text my friends and say "We're at this bar..." (Yes, I know there's a "next" key. That's way too complicated after midnight.)

That was more or less irrelevant, but it's what came to mind when I saw a post on Boing Boing about a bar made from a car--more specifically, the front of a 1961 Ford Econoline van repainted in "Flame Yellow." Unfortunately, it's a work by one very skilled person with a lot of time on his hands, so you're not going to be able to buy this anywhere unless you manage to commission the guy to make another one for you (or figure out how to do it yourself). But I'm impressed. This is, I must say, a way better car-furniture mashup than the Mini Cooper desk. First of all, the headlights and parking lights still function. But even better, there are speakers built into the grille.

All that and it still manages to look awesome. Perfect for all those parties you hold in your garage.

(Originally posted at Cap'n Scurvy's Treasure Chest, a blog with a name that gets major Crave approval)