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Facebook helps baby lost in Nice attack find his way home

An 8-month-old boy is reunited with a caregiver after a Facebook post was shared thousands of times.


Social media is helping people find their loved ones missing after the Nice attack.

Jody Gianni

An 8-month-old baby boy lost after the deadly Bastille Day attack in Nice, France, was found through Facebook.

At least 84 people were killed watching fireworks Thursday night after a truck rammed into the celebration. The baby got lost from his caregivers amid the panicked crowd fleeing the scene.

Tiava Banner, who said she is not the baby's mother but didn't disclose her relationship to him, posted a message on Facebook along with a picture of the boy stating that he had been lost and she was hoping to find him. The post has been shared more 22,000 times since it was posted 21 hours ago, soon after the attack.

Banner updated the post an hour later saying the baby had been found and kept safe during the attack. A woman also present at the scene found the boy and took him to protect him, Banner said in her post.

This is just one reported example of many search posts that have been populating social media since the attack. People who have not heard from family members and friends have been posting on Twitter and Facebook in hopes of finding loved ones.