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Baby Bells need a watchdog

A reader writes that although he usually does not favor government control of industry, telecommunications is one area that needs some help.


Baby Bells need a watchdog

In response to the May 23 column by John Conyers Jr., "No special favors for telco monopolies":

Ordinarily, as a politically conservative person, I would be against more government control of any industry. However, since the Bell companies have continued to exert their muscle on the small, new phone and Internet wireless companies to try to drive out the competition, I feel there is no other choice than to help the little guys survive.

I have been a first-hand witness to the "third-world service" offered by Bell in its DSL world. I gave up and went to cable. I am considering broadband wireless now, with the hope that Bell won't be given a boost to run over all the start-ups there too.

Let's defeat bill 1542 and keep leveling the playing field. There are trillions of rate-payer dollars at stake here. We let Microsoft screw us; let's not let the Baby Bells do the same thing.

John Robertson