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B&W Zeppelin Air with Apple AirPlay (review)

While the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air is as pricey as the earlier Zeppelin, Apple AirPlay support and improved sound quality make it a better value. Read more:

The Zeppelin Air features wireless streaming for iOS devices via Apple AirPlay. Bowers & Wilkins

B&W, which is now branding itself by its longer, more formal name, Bowers & Wilkins, is known for its high-end speakers. However, a few years back the company dipped into the more mainstream consumer market with its first iPod speaker system, the $600 Zeppelin, followed by the smaller and more affordable Zeppelin Mini.

Now the company is back with a new version of the Zeppelin called the Zeppelin Air that shares many design traits with the original Zep but offers better sound and one very important new feature: support for Apple's AirPlay. That feature allows you to stream music wirelessly from an iOS handheld (an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad) or from a PC or Mac running iTunes to the Zeppelin Air via your home network.

Just how good does it sound? Read CNET's full review to find out.