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B+W infrared filters for digital cameras

B+W Filters, by Schneider optics, has released two infrared filters for digital cameras.

B+W Filters, made by Schneider Optics, earlier this month released two infrared filters for digital cameras, the B+W IR 092 and the B+W IR 093. The IR 092 is nearly opaque and allows a small amount of visible light through, similar to a No. 25 Wratten gel. The IR 093 is completely opaque, allowing only IR light to pass through, similar to a No. 87 Wratten gel. Both filters are available with screw-on mountings in 35 sizes from 19mm to 77mm to fit a variety of lenses.

While most digital cameras have an infrared blocking filter built-in, there are several purpose-made infrared capable digital cameras such as the Fujifilm Finepix IS-1 point-and-shoot camera, and the Fujifilm Finepix IS Pro DSLR, update to the S3 Pro-UVIR, modified with the IR/UV blocking filters removed creating a true full spectrum camera. On Sigma's 14MP SD-14 DSLR the IR blocking filter can be easily removed allowing for IR shooting, although probably not too good for your warranty. There are shops that can modify certain existing cameras for IR capability too. For more information on digital infrared photography other cameras that can shoot IR visit here.