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<b>&quot;Disk is full&quot; error; now reported in several applications

&quot;Disk is full&quot; error; now reported in several applications

ClarisWorks Claris recently released ClarisWorks 4.0v6 (for those that have not yet moved up to ClarisWorks 5). According to the ReadMe file, it "addresses one problem from ClarisWorks 4.0v5: When attempting to save a file or library to a server with 2Gb or more free space, a "Disk is full." error would result."

Word and WordPerfect I found this of particular interest because I had recently gotten similar reports of "Disk is full" errors with other applications. For example, Lukas Hauser wrote: "There seems to be a problem with Word 5.1 and AppleShare 3.7.2 Client. Namely, you get "Disk is full" when saving to a volume more than 4Gb." John Gunnison reported that, after updating to WordPerfect 3.5.4, he received the same "Disk is full" message when trying to save a document.

ClarisDraw Claris also recently released ClarisDraw 1.0v4. Although it does not specifically mention the "Disk is full" error, the ReadMe file does say: "Saving a file to a volume with 2 Gigabytes or more space available works correctly."