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B&O's 'DVD 2' keeps it simple

The company gives minimalism a good name, again.


Bang & Olufsen is known for its minimalist good looks (though sometimes too minimalist), but it's taken the concept to new heights with its latest media appliance. Even the name--"DVD 2"--is irresistably Spartan.

So are its features, which may be a bit too limited for some people in this age of electronics that do everything but the dishes (and sometimes that too). The device does have a 250GB hard drive to go along with its DVD player and TV tuner but, as Pocket-lint says, it hardly qualifies as a "next-gen product." No matter to B&O, however, which remains as unabashed as ever in its Zen-like simplicity, right down to the design: The DVD 2 basically looks like a box of trays, perhaps a printer without the glass on top.

No price or availability is yet known, but if the company holds true to form, this gadget may cost more than the rest of your media room combined. Proving once again that simplicity should never be confused with affordability.