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B&O takes a different angle on TV sound

Its "BeoLab 10" is an innovative triangular center speaker.

Bang & Olufsen

Leave it to Bang & Olufsen to break the mold once again, this time with a TV under-screen speaker. While other manufacturers toil away with boring rectangles and cylindrical designs, the B&O wizards have gone a completely different geometric route: a triangle.

The "BeoLab 10" is a center speaker designed to work with the "BeoVision 4" HDTV. Mounted beneath the plasma, according to Audio Junkies, it uses its "Acoustic Lens Technology" to disperse sound 180 degrees with twin amplifiers.

And never leaving anything to chance, B&O is also planning to offer a range of grill covers to match any given decor. No pricing has been released yet but, given the company's reputation, the BeoLab 10 might require you to move into a smaller place to afford it.