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B&O: Get your paws off our 'TouchLess' remote

Bang & Olufsen is working on a concept that requires no physical contact to operate.


Bang & Olufsen has always been driven by avant-garde designs, but its latest concept for a remote control may be crossing the line from innovation to science fiction. Apparently not satisfied with its previous efforts, no matter how bizarre they may be already, B&O is contemplating a model that requires no physical contact to operate. We're not kidding.

The aptly named "TouchLess" was inspired by germaphobic trends that are increasingly influencing product development, leading the company's design mavens to work on a device that would never be sullied by your bacteria-infested mitts. "Designed primarily for kitchen use, the TouchLess can control the cooker, washing machine, and boil a kettle from the comfort of your armchair," T3 says, as well as command the media center with simple Louis XIV-style wave of the hand. What's next for B&O R&D? A cloak of invisibility, of course.