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B&N updates Nook for Android for tablet users

Barnes & Noble has a new, updated version of its Nook for Android app that's designed for customers using 7-inch and larger tablets with high-resolution displays.

The free Nook for Android app has been optimized for Android tablets that run Android 2.1 or higher. Barnes & Noble

Android tablet owners take note: Barnes & Noble has just updated its free Nook for Android app for users with 7-inch and larger tablets that have high-resolution displays. Technically the update is called Nook for Android version 2.61.

Not surprisingly, because of those high-res displays, Barnes & Noble is touting the app's "comprehensive selection of digital periodicals," which includes more than 140 magazines and newspapers. B&N says the update also provides an optimized library grid view and tweaks to the reading interface, with enhanced book margins and line spacing, plus improvements to the shopping "experience." The update also brings some "minor performance enhancements" to Android smartphone owners using the Nook app.

You can download the Nook for Android from the Android Market, V Cast Apps from Verizon Wireless, Samsung Apps, GetJar, and AppsLib, but not from Amazon's Appstore for Android (hmm, wonder why?). For more info on the update go to