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Ax handle made using gummy bears looks handy and delicious

Made from gummy bears, resin and a double ax head, this gadget looks more like a snack than a signature lumberjack tool.

Crafty YouTuber Peter Brown loves covering everyday things like cookies, bubble wrap and crayon wrappers in resin, and then transforming them into usable tools, jewelry or even birdhouses.

In one his new videos, Brown shows step-by-step how he made a mold of a wooden ax handle so he could fill it with 5 pounds (2.3 kilograms) of gummy bears and then cover it in resin.

Though working with gummy bears seems like an easy enough task, Brown did encounter a few challenges. These led him to dispense this sage advice for those following along: don't sand the gummy bears!

The end result of the project is a colorful ax handle that resembles stained glass, and looks good enough to eat.

"It glistens in the sunlight," Brown says in the video. "It looks amazing and it is completely ridiculous. It is everything I love about making weird stuff on YouTube."