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Awww: A whole subreddit filled with baby-elephant GIFs

It's Friday, which means we've all made it through another long week. Celebrate in the best way possible by checking out this subreddit dedicated to GIFs of baby elephants.

Just a GIF of a baby elephant sploshing around to brighten up your day.Reddit

Happy Friday, Internet users! It's been another long week, and we can think of almost no better way to unwind than spending hours and hours watching animated GIFs of cute baby elephants on Reddit.

The subreddit /r/babyelephantgifs has been around for about seven months and is filled with over 2,000 GIFs of baby elephants doing silly and cute things, including new ones posted Friday. Recent highlights from /r/babyelephtantgifs include this excited elephant discovering "a strange creature with a small trunk," this little guy trying to climb out of a mud pit and this adorable calf tipping over ever so eloquently.

Now, go forth and achieve peak Internet, which I think is probably this GIF of an elephant warming up to a human after being petted. If watching baby rhinos, ducklings, big cats or bears is more your thing, there are subreddits for those as well.