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Awesome news for Cowon iAudio U3 owners

Awesome news for Cowon iAudio U3 owners

Today, Cowon sent me the official version of the latest and highly anticipated U3 firmware update. Version 1.20 gives the U3 WMA DRM 10 support, meaning it can be used with subscription services such as Napster To Go and Rhapsody To Go, as well as purchased WMAs, of course. Cowon previously had stated that this would be available in late December or early January, but better late than never! The firmware will probably be posted on the Cowon Web site within the next couple of days.

Also due to the "current market trend," Cowon is lowering the price of the white 1GB version from $190 to $170 and the 2GB black version from $270 to $220. Both moves by Cowon makes the U3 a bit more attractive than before.