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Awaken to your inner sunshine

'Sunrise Serenade' wakes up your Circadian rhythm.


Whenever anyone starts talking about "Circadian rhythms" we get a little nervous, not unlike the way we feel when someone mentions Amway. Yet there are obviously many believers in the biological time clock, and we're in no position to dispute anything that helps people get a good night's sleep (and avoid being cranky with us).

We're just not sure which product claims are more valid than others because there are so many simulated sunrise gadgets on the market. But there's one thing that the "Sunrise Serenade" undeniably has in its favor: It's at least trying to look the part, a miniature sun-like "translucent orb" appearing to rise above the horizon.

Still, $150 seems a bit high when there are so many competing products out there, including one that makes similar claims while doubling as a lamp for the same price. But no matter what, it's got to be better than an alarm clock that blows out your eardrums or literally shakes you out of bed.