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Avoid sinking feeling with bulletproof lifejacket

The personal flotation device's lightweight, hard-plate armor defeats assault rifle rounds and still floats.


Here's a must-have accessory for any soiree off Somalia, the ArmourFloat personal flotation device.

Not only does the Armour Float Ballistic Vest keep even an unconscious wearer afloat, but its new lightweight, hard-plate armor is designed to defeat most assault rifle threats--with no negative effect on the vest's buoyancy, according to Armour of America, a division of Arotech Corporation.

This Underwriters Laboratory-certified PFD is approved by the US Coast Guard, and the Coasties use it as well, according to AoA.

The hardy preserver comes with reflective tape on the shoulders, an emergency strobe light pocket, ammo clip pockets, shotgun shell holders, a large overlapping front, and side panels that provide ballistic protection over the entire chest, back, and shoulders. It's listed as up to NIJ Level IIIA.

"Commercial ship liner sailors are now exposed to hazards similar to Navy sailors, and our ArmourFloat vests can help protect their lives," says AoA's Richard Karst.

Here's one endorsement deal that has Capt. Richard Phillips written all over it.