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Aviion swoops in on market

Data General hopes that its new entry-level Pentium Pro Aviion server takes flight in the market for work group and departmental applications.

Data General is hoping its new entry level Aviion server takes flight in the market for workgroup and departmental applications.

The AV 3600 supports up to four 200-MHz Pentium Pro processors with 512KB cache per processor. Four operating systems will be available: Windows NT, Data General's own DG/UX Unix, Netware 4.1 and SMP, and SCO UnixWare 2.1.

Other features include 4:1 memory interleave for faster data transfer and an expandable PCI subsystem that supports up to 15 I/O slots. Included in the package is a Clarion RAID disk array and a system diagnostic board to aid information systems managers in problem detection.

The AV 3600 will be available in volume starting in September at an estimated street price of under $12,000 for a base configuration with one 200-MHz Pentium Pro processor and 64MB of RAM.

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