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Aviary for Android jumps to 3.0, gets better photo enhancer

One of the more popular photo editors for Android now looks a lot different and has a handful of new features.


The just-released version 3.0 of Aviary for Android sports a redesigned interface and comes with some important new features for beautifying your photos.

The most notable of the app's additions is the improved Enhance tool. Previously a single-tap tool for smart, automatic adjustments, Enhance now comes with three different settings: Hi-Def, Illuminate, and Color Fix. Each setting has a way of manipulating settings like contrast, sharpness, and brightness, and they all should help bring the best colors out of your photos.

Another addition that should be popular with users is the Woodland Effects Pack. This set of filters is designed to enhance outdoor photos and has been available for iOS for some time.

Aviary also added stickers (installable through an in-app store), an improved Focus tool, and Color Splash to version 3.0.

As for the changes to the interface, users should be pleased to know that the pages of tools are now gone in favor of a scrolling toolbar.

Aviary is available for free download now from Google Play.