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Averatec plans changes for 2006

Averatec plans changes for 2006

Averatec, which until now has been strictly a laptop manufacturer, will soon be making a tiny Media Center PC with a few interesting characteristics. The as-yet-unnamed machine, which the Averatec rep described as the company's "first consumer electronics product," looks like a mini desktop. But it runs a mobile AMD processor, so it's quiet enough to sit in your living room. And, in case your living room isn't as wired as your office, the diminutive computer is fully wireless capable and will connect to peripherals using Bluetooth. Though pricing is not officially available, the company is aiming for $599.

In addition to bringing out a new form factor, Averatec will be making a number of changes to its laptop lineup. February will bring the 7100 series, a 6.9-pound desktop replacement with a 17-inch display and an economical AMD processor. The company anticipates a starting price of $999. Averatec will also move away from laptops with 14- and 15-inch displays, claiming the market for notebooks of that size is oversaturated.

Other changes for this retail-based business include a new color scheme (the company's white cases get dirty on store displays) and a retreat from the tablet PC, which Averatec believes has not yet proven compelling to enough retail customers.