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Avengers directors join first look at 'twisted' SyFy show

Assassinations ahead. The Russo Brother talk about producing Deadly Class for SyFy.

"There's nothing like it on television." It's a cliche, but the creative duo of Anthony and Joe Russo, directors of Avengers: Infinity War, used that phrase to describe Deadly Class. SyFy posted a teasing first look at the upcoming show along with commentary from the Russo Brothers. 

Deadly Class is based on a 2014 graphic novel set in the late 1980s. The Russo Brothers are on board as executive producers. 

The first look takes us to San Francisco in 1987 where homeless teen Marcus Lopez (Benjamin Wadsworth) is recruited into a school for assassins where he will "master the deadly arts." It also stars Benedict Wong of Doctor Strange and Marco Polo fame.

"Deadly Class is one of the more twisted coming-of-age stories we've ever read," says Joe Russo in the teaser, speaking of the novel written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Wesley Craig.

The first look hints at fighting action, motorcycle antics, high school angst, school uniforms and martial arts training, but it's far from being a full trailer. We'll have to wait to learn more about Deadly Class's dangerous curriculum. The show is due in 2019.