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Autonomous Saucier stirs the pot

The Autonomous Saucier is a battery-operated, hands-free device that lends a hand in the kitchen.

Ready to help. Hammacher Schlemmer

Until the day we evolve a third hand (or fourth, for the sake of symmetry), any extra help in the kitchen is appreciated. Considering how complicated some recipes can be, perhaps even after that mysterious day in the future we will still need some help in the kitchen. No matter how many appendages humanity ends up with, an extra hand in the kitchen will always be a good thing. For starters, present-dwellers can revel in the glory that is The Autonomous Saucier.

The somewhat alien-looking tripod is no future contraption; it is readily available now for about $40 from Hammacher Schlemmer. The little self-stirring saucier measures 6 inches tall and has a diameter of 5 inches. Powered by four AA batteries, the stirrer is used by placing it directly in a pot and setting it in motion. The stainless steel legs are tipped with silicone rubber feet that spin and revolve, keeping sauce from burning on the bottom of the pan.

Heat resistant up to 572 degrees, the gadget can be used in sauces up to 4-inches deep. Complete with three speed settings to use in making a variety of sauces, the automatic stirrer not only provides freedom, but also versatility. Whether you are making au jus or thick gravy, this extra hand doesn't require waiting around for evolution to catch up.