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Autonomous drone helps unmanned helicopter fight fires (Tomorrow Daily 283)

Jeff discusses an autonomous drone's help in assisting an unmanned helicopter put out a test fire and a sensitive photon camera that can detect objects around corners.

You've probably read about drones getting in the way of firefighting aircraft...but what about drones made to fight fires alongside them?

Today, Jeff Cannata talks about how an autonomous drone and an unmanned helicopter were able to work together to identify a fire and drop water onto it in a recent test by Lockheed Martin. It could mean the end of "scouting" aircraft used to look for fires in remote locations like forests. We're also taking a look a a special camera that can sense even the faintest photon echoes, making it possible to locate objects even if they're hiding around a corner.

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283: Autonomous drone helps unmanned helicopter fight fires (Tomorrow Daily)

Host: Jeff Cannata | Producer/Editor: Logan Moy

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