Autonome concept lets you leave the phone charger at home

This smartphone charging concept ensures that you'll always have a way to plug in.

Francois Rybarczyk

Even if you're rocking the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, you know smartphone battery life leaves a lot to be desired. Carrying an extra battery or your phone charger is one way to ensure you don't run out of juice during the day, but what if it could be easier than that?

Enter the Autonome. This concept smartphone charger by designer Francois Rybarczyk is both simple and elegant. It consists of a magnesium unibody frame that attaches to the back of your smartphone and incorporates a power adapter right into the case. When you need a charge, simply flip up the adapter and plug your smartphone right into the outlet.

In addition, the Autonome has a removable battery module that you can charge while you're still using your phone, and then snap back in when it's full or you need power.

There are, of course, a number of extended battery packs and cases available for smartphones today, but the Autonome still looks like a sleek solution. Plus, you won't be kicking yourself next time you go on a trip and forget to pack your phone charger. Alas, it looks like Rybarczyk's creation is only a concept for now.

(Via Yanko Design)

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