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Automatic water dispenser for Fido, Mittens, you

The Pet 'n' People Water Dispenser features a motion sensitive dispenser for our furry friends.

Now about that food... Solutions

If you have pets, more likely than not, you have received the look. You know which look I'm talking about: the look. The my food bowl is empty look. There may be no doubt as to the level of importance that our furry friends place on their kibbles and cat mix, but there is another, albeit less tasty, necessity that they can now have control over. While our pets may not yet be privileged enough to pour out a bowl (or open a can) of delicious food, at least they will be able to get a drink of water when needed.

The Pet 'n' People Water Dispenser is a dual appliance designed to satisfy both humans and pets. The combination water cooler and automatic pet water bowl accepts either 3-gallon or 5-gallon water jugs. When your pet approaches the water bowl at the base of the machine, a motion-activated sensor supplies fresh water into the bowl. For the humans, a choice of hot, cold, or room temperature water is selectable. The temperature range is from 45 degrees F to 205 degrees F, with a capacity to dispense about one quart of water at either temperature.

While the capability to have temperature-controlled pure quality water at the touch of a button is certainly nice, clearly the draw of this appliance is in the automatic pet bowl. Animals love fresh water as much as you do, and now they can serve themselves--even without having opposable thumbs.