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Automatic opener opens more than cans

The Hamilton Beach OpenStation Can Opener opens much more than cans.

An opener for everybody. Hamilton Beach

Machines that open cans have always confused me. Sure, I understand that for some people opening canned goods can be physically challenging, but as a common kitchen item, its popularity escapes me. For me, it's just quicker and easier to use the handheld can opener. Granted, it's not always easy to find the handheld opener, but when you train yourself to always put it somewhere specific (like car keys), it's the quickest, most efficient tool available. Other than acting as a hard-to-misplace anchor, a can opener weighed down by a motor seems to me to be frivolous--unless, of course, you pile on additional openers.

The Hamilton Beach OpenStation Can Opener is a well-named contrivance designed to facilitate all your opening needs in one location. Not content to stop at cans, the opener supplies the means to open jars, bottles, cans and even those frustrating hard, clear plastic blister packs that so many gadgets come in. By integrating a removable multiuse tool (along with a jar opener) into the design, the can opener extends its usefulness and encourages users to go to one particular spot for all of their opening needs. Just be sure to put those removable tools back where they belong when finished.

The Hamilton Beach OpenStation Can Opener can be found online for about $25.