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Autographer camera has a mind all its own

Unique new wearable camera uses five sensors to determine when and what to snap as the day unfolds, producing shots "captured without intervention."

OMG Life

The Autographer is an upcoming wearable ultracompact that aims to enable users to "see the unseen" by automatically capturing images based on its five built-in sensors. These sensors -- color sensor, accelerometer, magnetometer, infrared motion detector, and thermometer -- work together to tell the camera when to capture an image.

A GPS module works in tandem with the cam, tagging location information to every image captured.

"The user can live the experience while Autographer spontaneously captures the stories that unfold," says maker OMG (Oxford Metric Group). "This is not just a new camera but a whole new photographic approach."

Measuring about 3. 8 inches by 1.5 inches by less than an inch, the 5-megapixel shooter is lightweight (about 2 ounces, making it comfortable to wear around the neck).

It uses a glass wide-angle fixed focal length lens, which gives users a 136-degree field of view. Shutterbugs view, share, and tag image using a dedicated smartphone app.

The U.K. company claims the camera can produce thousands of high-resolution images a day and its rate of capture can be manually controlled by the user. Stills can be transferred to external devices using Bluetooth technology.

Available with 8GB of storage capacity, the Autographer will retail for about $650 at its official site come November 2012.

(Source: Crave Asia)