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Autobots, transform and roll out!

This Transformer merchandise is more than meets the eye.

It's a big day for our favorite fictional robot friends--opening day for the . And that means a whole bunch of wicked toys for sale.

Now, my older brother had a pretty rad collection of Transformers playthings, but some of the new generation of toys are pretty drool-worthy as well.

Here are my top five picks for Transformers toys. They're just as awesome as the 1986 movie version's soundtrack (Thank you, Stan Bush.):

• Transformers movie helmet: Now I don't know if you're into role playing, but if Transformers are your fantasy, you're in luck. This helmet not only shields your head from the elements while looking cool, but it also comes with a voice changer. Basically, you can sound just like Optimus Prime uttering, "Dinobots, destroy Devastator!"


• Cyber Stompin' Optimus Prime: An obvious choice. He's the leader of the pack, and undeniably the sexiest and most powerful Transformer out there. Plus, he died in the last movie with the lines, "Do not grieve. Soon I shall be one with the matrix." No, I am still not over that.

• Cyber Stompin' Robot Bumblebee: Another Cyber Stompin' toy, Bumblebee comes with all the bells and whistles to match his flashy personality. Like the original '80s toys, there's plenty of fist-launching action, in addition to lit-up eyes and torso for the Autobot class clown. In this toy, little Bumblebee finally seems to stack up to the rest of his Autobot "big brothers."

• Transformers Vehicle Arm Blaster Starscream: Inflicting pain on others via foam is always fun. Enter the Transformers Arm Blaster. This handy transformer arm comes with four darts aimed at attacking the Decepticons of your life. Plus, it transforms into a cool jet.

• Optimash Prime: This spud is more than meets the eye. It starts off as a plain Mr. Potatohead, but can change into the leader Autobot, Optimus Prime. I will be picking one up on my way home tonight; he'll look good next to my Spidey Spud.