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Auto-Tune cows moo like rap stars

Mooove over, T-Pain! Watch this udderly amazing viral video of cows mooing with an Auto-Tune twist. The steaks are high on which cow knows how to milk the spotlight like a real rap star.

We've seen goats give "Jurassic Park" theme a scream-filled remix and cats purring louder than motorcycles.

But this might be the first time cows have given T-Pain and Kanye West a run for their money.

This "Autotuned Cows" video by YouTuber Bla Monk may have been uploaded in July, but thanks to a steady online buzz the video went viral this week with over 250,000 views. And more and more videos like it are popping up on Youtube, making it quite the unusual music trend.

Singers often use Auto-Tune -- an audio processor that alters and perfects vocal pitch -- to disguise off-key voices to make them sound better than in real life. So if Auto-Tune can transform human voices into robotic-sounding superstars, why not cattle?

Now that we've seen cows moooving and grooving, here's hoping they get their chance to rule YouTube like their cat competition. Why should Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat have all the glory?