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Surprisingly, Twitter's most popular emoji for #ausvotes isn't the poop one

Just in time for tonight's first Turnbull vs Shorten debate, Twitter also now has a custom emoji for the ausvotes hashtag.


With a mere 50 days left for all joy to be crushed from your soul thanks to the relentless 24/7 coverage of the least interesting Federal election in living memory, you can expect a lot of Australian political chatter on Twitter.

At least it'll be slightly more colourful, with the micro-blogging social network now added a custom emoji to #ausvotes. Use the hashtag and a green and gold appears automatically, bring some small amount of brightness to your grey existence.

Twitter also did a quick analysis of the most common emojis associated with #ausvotes and in a rather shocking twist the smiling pile of faeces with eyes wasn't one of them. You're slipping, Australia, and we're very disappointed.